Scrum Master:

As Scrum Master, you’ll work with product teams to make our processes silky smooth, while successfully juggling the technical and business sides of the product. We’re looking for someone who has previous experience optimizing Agile methodologies and workflow management.
As a Scrum Master, you will:

- Work closely with product owners/managers, QAs, and developers to optimise the development and decision-making process.
- Analyse and improve workflows, from design, to story, to development and release.
- Set, track, and communicate metrics for these improvements.
- Make sure teams are achieving their sprint goals.
- Track the velocity of teams and detect bottlenecks in their process.

- Experience working with Agile methodologies.
- Proven track record in increasing the speed of software development and reducing the product cycle time.
- Proven track record of improving business processes in IT companies.
- Experience in detecting and fixing communication issues.
- Experience with working in cross-functional teams.
- High level of attention to detail.
- Medium to high level of English fluency.
Nice to have:

- Experience working in design-centered companies.
- Comfortable communicating in business and technical language.
- Good analytical skills.
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Oh, before you go, here's some of our perks:

• Flexible working hours
• Half-day Fridays (Work done? Ahead of the game? Enjoy the beach.)
• Stock options
• Catered team lunches everyday
• 24 days of holiday (birthdays, too)
• Private health insurance
• Access to a broad range of gyms and studios in Barcelona.
• State-of-the-art tech to help you get the job done
• Amazing office space (including terrace and BBQ)
• Fresh organic fruit
• Wear your slippers around the office
• Ping pong table (no startup is complete without one)
• Beach volleyball (unwind after a long week)
• Language courses (English & Spanish)
• A fabulous wide selection of tea, coffee and juices
• Beer & crisps (chips for all you Yanks) at Friday company meetings
• Team building activities including BBQ parties & dinners

Let's do great things.
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Happy typeforming!